What is HILLBILLY CLUE? Is it Like a Murder Mystery Dinner?

All of our Hillbilly Mysteries are fun and interactive events.  You are arriving to the ranch as a guest of Mr. Green and at some point a murder will take place. It is your job to meet and interact with the townsfolk throughout the evening as they will have rumors to share with you. These may (or may not!) help you solve the crime! At the end of the evening all participants will complete an accusation form prior to the big reveal!

What Do I Do During the Event?

First of all, you enjoy it!  It is a beautiful night under the country stars and you will get a delicious 3 course meal! 

As you enjoy the meal the townsfolk with stop by to talk you to and  the other guests at the table. This is the time  to ASK QUESTIONS! But remember - they are guests too and may not always know information you are seeking. Don't just sit there as an observer. If you aren't familiar with them, ask them about themselves. 

Does it Require Any Special Skills to Play? Do I Need to Act?

Playing a murder mystery requires three basic attributes - a sense of fun, an ability to strike up a conversation with other people and the willingness to pretend that what you are witnessing is real!

You play yourself, a party guest. You must, however, be willing to be inquisitive and interact with the townsfolk in order to solve the mystery.

Will the Townsfolk Always Tell the Truth?

Yes.... well, they can't lie. They may be evasive or try to misdirect you.

They may be trying to protect someone else or they may be trying to avoid incriminating themselves. 

The only person who can directly lie is the Murderer.

harvest dinner.JPG

The Buffet Dinner

What is on the Menu?

The buffet dinner menu is different each month depending on what is in season. All meals are made from scratch and served with water and/or sweet tea and usually include a lettuce salad, a meat with a starch and veggie, followed by a dessert.

Do we bring our own alcohol?

Guests are invited to bring their own BEER or bottles of WINE. LIQUOR IS NOT PERMITTED. The only liquor allowed at this event will be our very own moonshine - which is served ONLY during the cocktail hour - made right here on the ranch.

What if I Have Food Allergies?

Just like at home, you gotta eat what mama makes! Unfortunately we typically aren't able to cater to specific food requests. However, feel free to reach out to us and we can see if we can work with you.

Where Does Hillbilly Clue Take Place?

Hillbilly Clue takes place at Gratidude Ranch located just outside Leiper's Fork at 7515 Pewitt Rd. Franklin, TN 37064.  Cell service can get spotty so we suggest looking up directions before heading out.

What Should I Wear?

You're headed to dinner out in the country. You are welcome to dress as casual or as fancy as you like. Costumes are not required, however, we do encourage you to think 'country chic' as a good costume can help you get into the spirit of the game.

What About The Weather?

The event takes place in a covered barn which will not be effected by rain, however, please note it is outdoors so take the temperature into consideration when determining what you will wear. Cool for the summer and warm in the winter!  Ladies - high hills on a ranch don't work too well.

What Do I Do if I Can't Make it?

Once your purchase has been completed we cannot refund or cancel any orders due to the nature of our venue. Our events are held monthly and all food supplies are purchased fresh. Tickets are, however, totally transferable, so if you know someone who wants to take your place, please shoot Sissy an email at with their name so they can be added to the guest list.

What if I arrive early, or late?

After parking, guests will walk up to the barn. There will be a waiting area until the doors open - at 6PM for VIP guests - and again at 7PM for General Admission guests.  We ask that you please WAIT THERE and not walk around the property - or the barn (even if you know the owners) until the doors open.

Should you arrive late, don't worry, we'll keep supper warm for you... but check out your GPS so you don't get lost or you may miss out on some crucial gossip!

Can We Reschedule Our Reservation?

Yes! You may reschedule your reservation(s) to another show date that has availability, with at least 7 days notice. A $20/person transfer fee is required. Please contact us to make the arrangements. No rescheduling is allowed less than 7 days before the show.

Are There Age Restrictions? Can Anyone Join In?

Due to 'adult content' and alcohol at the event we do ask that all of our guest be 21+.  If you feel like you have questions about this please email Sissy at 

Can We Take Videos and Pictures?

While LeRoy thinks all the ladies are there to take his photo - that is perfectly fine! We do have a strict policy that NO VIDEO RECORDING is taken during the event but take all the pictures you want!

Can You Do Murder Mysteries for Private Groups or Events?

Yes!  Our Hillbilly Mysteries can be lots of fun for a private anniversary, birthday, team building or bachelorette party! Email Sissy at and y'all can discuss the details!

Do You Do Any Other Events Besides Hillbilly Mysteries?

In addition to Hillbilly Clue events, Gratidude Ranch offers a monthly, 5-course, made from scratch Farm to Table Dinner. To look at upcoming dates for this season CLICK HERE.  The ranch is also an event venue for Country Birthday BashesMagical Country Weddings, Private Concerts, Goat Yoga and MORE!  Please ‘like’ their Gratidude Ranch Facebook Page to keep up to date on all the happenings - and y'all come back now - ya hear?

What is SAFE?

SAFE is a nonprofit that is housed at Gratidude Ranch serving local foster families and foster youth. A portion of the proceeds from all events that take place at Gratidude Ranch (including HILLBILLY CLUE) benefits SAFE (!